Get Approval For Your Unapproved Plots To The Earliest!

This is one of the fine opportunities for the innocent people who have purchased unapproved plots. Make use of this opportunity TN government has extended the time period to regularise your unapproved layouts for additional six months. Hurry up! Turn your unapproved plots into an approved one with this awesome scheme.

Wanna know the reason for the extension of the deadline? Let me tell you. It is estimated that there are more than 17 Lakh unapproved plots, but the Government has received only 2 Lakh of petitions willing to change their unapproved layouts into an approved one. There are about 15 Lakhs remaining, so keeping them in mind, Government has provided this extension in the deadline.

Also, make a note that the unapproved plots in Chennai region purchased between August 5, 1975 to October 20, 2016 can make use of this scheme and get approval for your plots. Also for regions other than Chennai, the unapproved plots purchased between November 29, 1972 to October 20, 2016 can make use of this scheme and get approval for your plots.

Do you think the charges to get approval for your unapproved plots are maximum? It is not the way you think. The charges are very limited. Also, be aware that the O.S.R charges has been neglected. Then it is easy right. So, make soon! Get approval for your unapproved plots and enjoy a secure living.

Village Panchayat Area

Rs.5.15/square feet

Town Panchayat

Rs.9.80/square feet

1st and 2nd Level Municipal Areas

Rs.19.55/square feet

Special Levels of Municipal Areas

Rs.28.55/square feet

Corporation Areas

Rs.55.80/square feet


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