Mistake No 1: First Time Home Buyers Make.

Buying a New House or a New Car first? This question is actually extremely difficult for first time home buyers.  It truly depends on the immediate financial circumstances of the individual involved. Before thinking about it, most people would probably advise buying a house before buying a car.

The House is immovable property which can remain for whole life. For first time home buyers if you purchase car first the eligibility for the house will be lesser, which will reduce the amount of loan for your house and you may be unable to purchase dream house.

House is the most basic need for food and clothes. A car is only for transportation. Transportation does not matter if the matter is where you are. Our advice is getting home should be your first priority rather than thinking on the car. So you choose to buy a home first. Keep this car purchase little later.

Hope this tip will work for you. Stay tuned & stay updated.

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